Quick steps to getting your business online
How a website can keep your business open during a lockdown similar to COVID-19

At no single point in the history of the Internet, has a revolution become more clear that a website for a business is a critical tool for marketing and sales. 

In the past 90 days, the whole world has been plunged into lockdown. Many businesses have been forced to close the doors of their physical locations but not virtual businesses.

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Companies like Amazon have posted immense profits during the lockdown. This has been largely due to the closure of many neighborhood stores that cater to their immediate environments. Now that the stores were closed the patrons had to depend on virtual platforms like Amazon. 

Many businesses that depend 100% on physical meetings and in-person services have been forced to reevaluate their engagement methodology. At the top of their critical todo list should be to get their websites to comply with the latest trends.

How to get your business online

If you, like many other businesses, were caught off guard by the lockdown here are a few steps that you can implement starting now to get your company online and secure it from another lockdown.

1. Design or redesign your website for conversion:

Design a website with the goal of creating conversions. Visitors to your website must have a clear call to action on things that you would like them to do which will lead them to buy your products or paying for your services.

If you’ve owned a website for a while and are currently feeling the frustration that most website owners feel when their websites aren’t making them any money, then you’d understand the importance of creating a website that converts your visitors into paying customers.

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2. Add a lead magnet to your website:

Simply driving traffic to your website without generating leads or creating paying customers is a waste of your resources.

Spending thousands of dollars on ad campaigns makes no sense if you’re not either generating leads to whom you can sell your products or converting visitors into paying customers who buy products from your website.

The lead magnet prompts visitors to leave their contact details in exchange for free content, a white paper, a PDF of tips and tricks that they need, or some other resources that you can offer up for free download without feeling like you’ve lost a lot.

These lead magnets will be considered valuable to your visitors and in exchange for your free download, they let you into their world by leaving their email address. This way you build up your mailing list so if for any reason social media blocks access to your contacts or your website goes down you can keep communicating with your customers in spite of any outage.

This is possibly the most valuable thing you could do with your website at the moment.

3. Post valuable information on your Social Media accounts:

I know in the previous point I mentioned the dangers of social media algorithms changing up on you overnight, but while they still work, they are invaluable channels in engaging your social media contacts.

Posting regularly on social media creates traction which in turn attracts visitors to your content and invites them to visit your website for more. It’s a great idea for you to plan a content calendar for your social media channels.

Plan your content and schedule them using the available tools on your website. There are third-party tools like Hootsuite and Buffer that can help you schedule your content and automatically post them at the chosen times.

Your posts will draw visitors and members of your social media channels to migrate to your website when you invite them to download your lead magnet and you can convert them from simply being followers of your social media channels to becoming leads in your mailing list.

4. Get a blog started:

A blog is a great way for you to build authority in your area of specialization.

If you have been in business for over a year you have an opinion and a few things to teach those who have only been in business for two months. Voice your blog in your own unique way and attract people who gravitate towards your expression.

Decide to set up your blog and schedule what you will be talking about thematically every month. For every month, schedule a series of blog posts that will discuss key issues regarding your specific focus within your industry.

Your blog will build you up as an authority within your niche and over time you will build a body of work that you can refer people to when you start converting them over from your social media channels.

Start by scheduling a weekly post or a biweekly post to get started. Eventually, you can refine the rate at which you publish your blog content, and then begin to make adjustments to how much content you put out every month.

5. Reward engagement:

Reward your most devoted followers. This way you let people know that it pays to engage your content.

Giving away gifts and prizes to those who show that they follow your content regularly is a great signal to send out to your tribe that you value their input and that you’re willing to reward them when they contribute on your platforms.

You can start with little tokens and then as your revenue increases you can increase the value of your giveaways. Don’t underestimate the value of free gifts.

6. Post offers regularly:

Offer promotional services or products as regularly as you can. This will train your followers to look out for promotions that you offer within your content. You can choose to have scheduled promotions that run monthly or every quarter to pull in a bunch of conversions on your website.

Giving away coupons for each quarter is a great way to force instant payments on your website for services or products which you are clearing out of your inventory. Your visitors or leads will appreciate being given the opportunity to buy them at a lower rate.

Promotions encourage visitors and customers alike to conclude their buying decision within a tight window and give your business the additional surge of income which it would not have had without a promotion in place. We can’t overestimate the value of a well-placed promotional campaign to your business.

7. Repeat:

Simply repeat your process starting from posting regularly, blogging, offering promotions, and free gifts, and keep at it at a regular pace.

Doing this regularly will ensure that you continue to pull in new leads and convert them at a sequential pace which eventually would create a cycle of marketing and conversion that runs on your website. 

What I think will happen

Having visitors transact with you on your website regularly trains them to expect to conclude transactions with your business using your digital platforms.

In the Days to come, in the event of another crisis that keeps your business from opening your doors to physical interaction with your customers, your website will play a major role in ensuring that you stay in business even while the doors to your shops are closed.

Quick steps to getting your business online
Adaberemchi Aja-Onu
22 June, 2020
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